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Super MILF (formerly "Ms. Venus")
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Real Name:

Laura MacKenzie


Not yet revealed


Not yet revealed






Tiger, Mecha Maid, Spinnerette, Ben Franklin


Dr. Universe, Greta Gravity

Super MILF (maiden name, MacKenzie) is a super heroine formerly known as "Ms. Venus". She claims her super powers come from her "Venusian Bosoms", when in reality they come from a Venusian biological reactor which implanted itself inside her chest.



Super MILF is an incredibly well endowed woman, officially having the largest bust size in the series. She also has darkish hair and a beauty mark on her left cheek.

As "Ms. Venus" her costume was similar to the fictional "Power Girl", complete with a cleavage window, cape, and white spandex, which got her in trouble with DC.

As "Super MILF" she wears a mask and has removed her cape. The biggest change is her costume is quite revealing. It is implied her cleavage revealing outfit is to mock DC yet she claims her breasts generate a lot of heat and need cooling.


Super MILF's only confirmed superpower is the power of flight. It is not fully known to what extent she can do so.

The size of her breasts cause them to generate a great amount of heat to the point that nearby cones of ice cream will instantly melt in their vicinity. Whether this is a genuine superpower or simply a gag played by the author is unknown.



Super MILF was originally a flat-chested lab assistant; however, she was engulfed in the explosion of a powerful reactor from Venus, resulting in her breasts expanding, taking the name "Ms. Venus" and becoming a superheroine.

Later on, DC sued her for having a costume that looked like "Power Girl". Instead of changing the costume, she fought for her right to wear it and lost her house in the process. Giving in to her depression, she quit the Superhero business, got married and had kids.

A few years after her kids were old enough, she returned to superhero business as "Super MILF" in the 2010s with a completely new costume.

Replacement leader[]

When Tiger, formerly the leader of the Midwestern superhero team, quit the team due to an event between Spinnerette and Dr. Universe, Ben Franklin enlisted Super MILF as a replacement. She met with Spinnerette and Mecha Maid and told them about her backstory. While Spinnerette was excited to have her on the team, Mecha Maid found her too "flashy" for her tastes, especially when she suggested that they wear more revealing outfits.


  • She is one of two superheroes known to have kids, the other being Tiger.
  • Super MILF had only been mentioned, and did not make an actual appearance in the comic until Issue 13.