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First Appearance:

Issue 20

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Silver Age Spinnerette (real name, Heather Brown) was an alternate version of Spinnerette from the the Silver Age of Comic Books in 1973. She was pulled through a portal by the Editor to the Modern Age along with Silver Age Evil Spinnerette.


Heather Brown was a patriotic, young woman attending college in Ohio. She longed to join the the Women's Army Corps in the US Army. Her best friend, Sahira, was an absolute hippy, trying to convince her not to. Heather chose to ignore her friend's protests, saying that the army was a wonderful place for a modern woman, especially since they had softball.

However, her dreams were quickly dashed. During the initial physical, the nurse informed her that - due to her miniscule height of 4'11" - she was ineligible to join the army. She was, however, well over the minimum weight requirement. Taking that as a jab at her well-rounded figure, Heather stormed out of the recruitment office.

On her way out, she met up with a man named Doctor Universe, a researcher working on a Super-soldier Serum that could triple someone's strength. He and his assistant, Greta, infused her with the serum. Heather quickly mutated and grew four extra arms, developing a host of other spider-like abilities at the same time. She is aghast at her transformation, mostly because it did not come with enhanced height. However, Doctor Universe tells her that she could be more than a soldier, she could be a superhero! He then bestows upon her the name of "Spinnerette." Greta presents her with a blue-and-gold uniform.

Spinnerette believes that, while she may not be able to join the WACS, she may instead be able to join the US Navy WAVES. Doctor Universe, however, wishes her to to join the Atlas Guild, a group intent on overthrowing the US government and striving for a society of individualism. Spinnerette realizes that Universe and Greta are evil and vows to stop them.

General Evescroft appears, demanding that Doctor Universe surrender and return to work in America's weapon labs. Universe and Greta fight off the army soldiers. The general mistakes Spinnerette for another one of Universe's supervillains, ordering the soldiers to arrest her. Greta uses her powers to stop the soldiers for a moment.

It is then that Spinnerette runs head-long into Tiger and Mecha Maid, who work together to take down Universe and Greta. Unfortunately, the villains escape. They vouch for Spinnerette, saying that she was only a pawn. The general thanks Spinnerette for her help, but once again tells her she is inadmissible into the WACS due to the height requirement.

The Editor[]

She appeared at Ohio Research University alongside Silver Age Evil Spinnerette during the latter's battle with Modern Age Spinnerette.