Spinnerette Wiki

The Orbital Anti-Bad Pun Cannon (OABPC) is a device that smites anyone who makes a bad pun discovered by the Comment Section. It is located in geosynchronous orbit and along with (And sometimes confused with) the Lunar Anti Bad-Pun Station (LABPS) falls under Adamas' jurisdiction. Wrong Wolf and his clones both maintain and continuously tamper with it, causing it to malfunction and fire random substances, often in some way ironically related to the pun.  Curiously it won't shoot word puns designed as props in a commenter franchise.  

Substances so far fired have been:[]

  • Adamas
  • Anti-Pun Missiles
  • Asura
  • Cereal
  • A Cero
  • Colossal Laserbeams
  • Concentrated Pain
  • Kellogg's® Froot Loops® cereal and milk
  • Giant Pies (sometimes filled with acid)
  • Jeans made of DNA
  • Itself
  • Live Animals
  • Roasted Goats
  • Molten Marshmallow
  • Perfectly roasted and seasoned Wrong Wolf Clones
  • Pudding
  • Rain of roombas
  • Signs with verbally abusive messages
  • Various Vehicles (Occasionally on fire)
  • Mountain of Salsa