Greta Gravity
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Dr. Universe, Kugelblitz, Maus.


Spinnerette, Mecha Maid, Tiger, League of Canadian Superheroes, Minerva.

First Appearance:

Issue 4

Greta Gravity is Dr. Universe's loyal assistant and bodyguard. She and Heather do not get along. Despite her status as a supervillain, she showed sympathy and concern for Spinnerette who was recovering from an emergency life-saving medical procedure that Dr. Universe performed on her.  She also makes it a point to celebrate the anniversary of the day she and Dr. Universe escaped government custody.

Despite her intelligence, Greta is not known for her wit, often lacking when it comes to effective or witty comebacks. 

Personality Edit

Powers and abilities Edit

Greta negative gravity
Greta has the power to generate her own localized gravity fields, which lets her pick up and throw objects of almost any size. The most common usage of which is to allow her to fly.

The strength of her powers are based on her own body mass. The larger she is the stronger her gravity fields are. To this end Dr. Universe convinced her to gain weight in order to use her powers to greater effect, which is the reason she has such a pronounced figure.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Wrong Wolf Clones are quite obsessed with her, usually shown by "GREEETAAAAAAAAAAA-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!"
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