Spinnerette Wiki

Spinnerette is more than just a comic, it is a community, and like all communities this one has  a few rituals and traditions. One of the most prominent, long-lasting rituals involves goats.


This tradition all started with the first fight between our Heroes and Greta Gravity. Several readers tried to explain the anomalies seen in the fight with physics. At this point, it had already been established that the Spinnyverse had magic. Such a combination cannot exist and so in their anger the gods will smite a cat girl!!! There is but one way to appease the gods and save the lives of our furrie friends. YOU MUST SACRIFICE A GOAT!!!!!!!!

Where to get the goats?[]

Goats are a available for a fairly low price of $12.99 to $9.99 at  the Burlington Goat Factory. The factory also sells accessories. If you are worried that the factory will be sold out a goats then think again, for we are constantly cloning new ones.

How many goats?[]

This depends entirely on the length of the physics rant and the discretion of the ranter.

What becomes of the sacrifices?[]

Well, we usually have a grand feast, or just a party

How influential is this tradition?[]

Well, it has become so integral to the Spinnyverse, that it even inspired Krazy Krow, creator, author, and Emperor of the Spinnyverse, to host a goat roast for the first kick-starter project backers. Unfortunately, the restaurant did not serve goat.