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Greta Gravity


Spinnerette, Mecha Maid, Tiger, League of Canadian Superheroes.

First Appearance:

Issue 3

Dr. Universe (real name: Dr. Ulysses N. Verde) is a genius scientist who became a supervillain when he and his lab assistant, Greta, were captured by the US government.

An Objectivist Evil Genius who is working with Dr. Lambha on an unspecified project. Dr. Universe was once a respected scientist researching the Cherenkov-Kirby Reaction but turned evil after his project was shut down by the government, because he intended to sell the technology to the People's Republic of China. His intentions were to ease international tensions by providing the Chinese (as well as the USA) with a source of unlimited energy to solve the nation's energy crisis. The US Government saw this as a threat, as C-K energy can be used as a devastating weapon; the existence of superheroes was case-in-point.

During his imprisonment, he began reading and re-reading an Ayn Rand novel, which seemed to strongly influence him.  It was while imprisoned he took the name Dr. Universe, eventually escaping with his lab assistant and future bodyguard Greta Gravity.     

Note that despite what this Wiki says, Dr. Universe may not be as evil as Tiger and the writer make him out to be.  When Spinerette's powers went out of control, he performed emergency surgery to save her life and used his CK Reactor to restore her power in exchange for a favor later; one, however, that would not compromise Spinerette's integrity or morality as a superhero. 

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