Justin a.k.a. "Delta Wave"




Unknown (Possibly 16 or 17)






Unknown (Possibly Spinnerette)


Spinnerette (Formerly)
Mecha Maid

First Appearance:

Issue 19

Justin "Delta Wave" is a minor villain of Issue 19.

He originally rescued Spinnerette after becoming injured by an unknown villain. While originally planning to take her to a hospital, he uses his dream abilities to infiltrate her dreams out of curiosity. Delta Wave eventually gets carried away and continues invading her dream while he continues to manipulate the entire dream into his own fantasy.

Spinnerette eventually catches on to Delta Waves' schemes. She fights him along with Mecha Maid while in battles within dreams. The dream world goes out of control however when Evil Spinnerette causes a bizarre side effect that occurs whenever she eats cheese. Finally waking up, Spinnerette interrogates and prepares to punish Delta Wave before being interrupted by his mother and realizing that he is just a kid.

Not wanting get into trouble with his mother, Delta Wave begs her not to tell his mom what he did. She agrees but makes him promise to stop being a creeper. She urges him find a girlfriend with similar interests as him. Delta Wave comes to learn his mistake and takes her advice. He thanks and waves her goodbye while she assures that there's a girl out there that is just as "geeky" as him.


  • He is the second youngest villain known to date, the first being Evil Spinnerette.
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