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Colonel Glass
Fig. 1. Roccio Zuchhi; "Colonel Glass"; Drawling, spinnyverse; hiveworks, 10 Jun. 2013; Web; 3 Oct. 2013.

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North Korea


White Heron
Soldiers of South Korea
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Agent 7

Colonel Glass is a North Korean supervillain and part of the People's Army of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). While ostensibly seen as a supervillain by Spinnerette and other superheroes, Colonel Glass sees himself a hero of the DPRK.


Glass wears a North Korean Officer uniform. He is roughly the same height as White Heron. His hair is fairly unkempt, his face and left hand are covered in bandages, and has a goatee. He is also typically seen with a deranged expression on his face.


Col. Glass has telepathic control over glass and has a level 4 regenerative ability (Spinnerette  16.7). Glass has been shown to be able to regenerate his entire forarm in an instant (Spinnerette 18.9).


Col. Glass is sadistic and crazy, but he has shown some level of self restraint. He has also exhibited behaviour suggesting that he has become addicted to mutilation and killing. He also is very patriotic towards his country, and has an ideological vendetta against the US and South Korea (Spinnerette 16.20-21). Despite his crazed and cruel behavior, Glass has shown to have some form of honor conduct which he follows, refusing to fight Mecha Maid upon learning she was paralysed and unable to move. When she revealed it was because of breeding camps end experiments, he went as far as to apologize to her and let her live so that she would die of natural causes and have as long a life as possible.



Col. Glass represented the North Korean side of a prisoner exchange (Spinnerette 16.8). From the beginning, Col. Glass showed no care for the DMZ Covention, by arriving with glass in the headlights of his trucks (Spinnerette 16.10). During the exchange, Glass snatched an infant from her mother and provoked White Heron into a fight (Spinnerette 16.11-12). Several soldiers were killed and injured during the battle including Park, who lost his eye (Spinnerette 16.13). In the end Glass defeated White Heron by using the infant as bait (Spinnerette 16.15-17). He had been last seen in Chicago (Spinnerette 16.20). He was killed by Spinnerette and Buzz.

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