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The Comment section of the Spinnyverse has a tradition of one member claiming one character that appeared inside the story. Usually as Waifu or as Husbando.

The Rules[]

  • The first who asks for the claim is the one who get's it.
  • The character has needed to appear in person inside the comic  and introduced themselves as a separate animated being in order to be claimable.(no filler art characters, nonAI driven robots, or the scenery)
  • If you have a claim, it's with you for eternity, no take-backsies.
  • You can claim only one character, you can't claim another.
  • A claim includes all versions of the character from other time, space, dimension, moustache and local theatre, etc..
  • and stop pissing off other commenters by putting them on the list with or without a claimable character (to address a recent issue)

Ars Claimia[]

You can find the list here

The claim Wars[]

In times long forgotten(Read: Lost when the comment-section changed from Wordpress to Disqus), when White Heron was introduced, there was a large beef going on about who really got her. This led to the creation of the rules.