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The Avrocar is a flying conveyance used by the League of Canadian Superheroes. It is based on the experimental Avro VZ-9 Avrocar built by Avro Aircraft Limited during the 1950s.


Avro VZ-9 Avrocar

The Avrocar, was originally created as a high performance Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft for the United States Military. Lift for the disk-shaped craft was provided by a large turborotor fan mounted in the centre of the disk, powered by three jet engines. This design was intended to exploit the Coandă effect. However, the vehicle was unable to achieve successful lift beyond a few metres above the ground, and was unstable, often suffering from a rotating wobble the developers referred to as "hubcapping".

Testing proved the vehicle to be inviable, and the project was cancelled in 1961.

In the Comic[]

The League of Canadian Superheroes in the Avrocar.

In Spinnerette, the Avrocar is depicted as the main transportation fo the League of Canadian Superheroes, and is first introduced in Issue 4. Green Gable refers to the vehicle as the pinnacle of Canadian aerospace engineering. The Werewolf of London, Ontario is terrified of using it however, calling it a widow maker. In its first appearance, the Avrocar crash lands on a parked car, destroying it.

While similar in appearance to the original Avrocar, the version shown within Spinnerette does differ from the original. The LOCS version is tapered to a sharper edge than the original. It is also depicted with a more rounded underside, and has a third seat, which was not present in the original vehicle. Although it is most likely that these differences are simply due to artistic licence. it is possible the Avrocar used by the LOCS was an additional prototype created by Avro Aircraft ltd that was not shared with the U.S. military.