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The comment section of Spinnerette has developed into an online community with a set of traditions, many of which originated as jokes. One of these is the claiming of characters, rooted in the "waifu"-claiming trend of some anime fans.

Due to heated arguements that sprang up over multiple commentators trying to claim the same character, a set of rules was established to prevent further conflict:

  1. Characters are claimable on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. Only one character can be claimed per commentator.
    • All alternate-universe versions of that character are covered by that claim.
  3. Only characters who have been introduced in the comic itself can be claimed; concept art and cover images do not count.
  4. A commentator cannot withdraw or retract their claim once it has been made and accepted.

Claimed characters[]

Unclaimed characters[]

  • Bathroom Door = Up for grabs
  • Alan = Up for grabs
  • Darien = Up for grabs
  • Jeff Coleman AkA Tiger = Up for grabs
  • Dr.Lambha = Up for grabs
  • Cake Eating Girl = Up for grabs
  • Chinese looking Lady = Up for grabs
  • Ulysses N.Verde AkA Dr. Universe = Up for grabs
  • General Evescroft = Up for grabs
  • Karen = Up for grabs
  • Composite Soul = Up for grabs
  • Timetraveler = Up for grabs
  • Captain Alberta = Up for grabs
  • Justin AkA Delta Wave = Up for grabs
  • Maus = Up for grabs
  • Kugelblitz = Up for grabs
  • Roberta Lee = Up for grabs
  • Tom = Up for grabs
  • Lucretia = Up for grabs
  • Kia = Up for grabs
  • Minerva's Dad = Up for grabs
  • Lieutenant Warthog = Up for grabs

Claimed Commenters[]

  • Therapod = Seeoahtlahmakaskay
  • Wolfen = mouthofxenu